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Guitar News
I have a new partner in tone with Rocco Guitars and we've finished the RUCKUS model which is based on the 66 tele that I've been playing for the last 33 years. 
This is something that I've wanted to do forever and I've finally found the luthier in Tim Rocco to make it happen.    
Visit the Rocco Guitars page for pics, stories, and mp3's of the original, updates and more pictures of the final build. 







I'm really happy to be working with Brown Note Amps.  Moss Hudson has both the technical skills and the ears needed to make great sounding amps.  I've gotten what I consider my best recorded tones with Brown Note Amps.  Check out what I'm taking about on the CD "Circle 7" and visit the Brown Note page for examples.

Thanks Moss!


Brown Note GTO (C-REX Mods)

Hermida 1 x 12 Ported Cab (Celestion G12-65)

CD Sig guitar-Rocco "RUCKUS"