Hello and welcome to the educational section of my website. All of my pre-recorded video lessons are listed below. They include charts using standard notation and TAB as well as backing tracks. There is a LOT of content. Over fifty five videos. 4 GB of material covering fundamental to intermediate and advanced concepts for improvising, chord construction, blues based playing and so much more. This material will take you to school down a musical and guitar friendly road. For some of you this material will give you years of stuff to work on. Take your time. I’ve been playing for all of my life and am still on that road of learning. It’s always fun to find a new approach, a new chord voicing or even better a way to simplify. A topic that I have solid ideas about.

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Blues based sounds:

 This section explores various blues chord progressions (min and dom7) with pentatonic approaches, the use of triads, the mixolydian and dorian scales, the half-whole diminished scale, the altered scale, the symmetrical augmented scale for more harmonically advanced players and more. Designed to expand your blues based vocabulary.
Included are play-alongs and charts (with traditional notation and TAB)  

'Chord Voicing:

This section starts with a fundamental look at triad voicings and inversions as well as diatonic triad voicings and inversions on all of the strings. Moving forward these videos will show you how to expand your chord vocabulary with a solid and easily understood horizontal approach to diatonic harmony in the major scale as well as in the melodic minor scale. Also included is a lesson called multi-tasking voicings that for many of you may be an eye opener. This material is guaranteed to widen your harmonic palate. TAB and standard notation doc's are included.

Modal : 

There is often some confusion when learning this material. A really effective way to look at and hear these sounds is from root to root. Every example starts and ends on A so you learn the defining note(s) of each scale/mode. Covered are the modes of the major scale, the lydian b7 scale, the altered scale, the melodic minor scale, and two diminished scales. These sounds will cover most harmonic situations. i12 excellent play-along tracks are included as well as explanation and demonstration of each of these sounds.

Assorted Material:

 1 -  I Major - Pentatonic Ideas

2 -  I Major - Diatonic Ideas

3 -  I Major - Advanced Ideas

4 -  II Min7 - Pentatonic Ideas

5 - II Min 7 - Stacking Triads

6 - II Min 7 - Advanced Ideas

7 - Hanon Exercises (technique workout)

8 - 4 + 4 Scale Fingerings

9 - V7 Advanced Ideas

10 - V7 Altered Scale - Complete Scale and Pentatonic Shortcuts

11 - II Min 7 - V7 alt (Pent approach)

12 - II Min 7 - V7 alt (Triad approach)

13 - II Min 7 - V7 alt - I - V of II (Pent approach)

14 - II Min 7 - V7 alt - I - V of II (Triad approach)

15 - Pedal Tone In the Top Voice

16 - Pedal Tone In the Bass

17 - Combining Harmonics - Open Strings - Fretted Notes 

18 - One Chord Grooves  

These lessons are designed to expand your vocabulary, work on fundamentals and increase your knowledge of harmony both in your comping and in your soloing. Documents with TAB and standard notation are included.

I’m also available for Skype mentoring with this material. If you’re interested email me at chuckdaloia@yahoo.com

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Visit the videos page to check out some of the intermediate-advanced material. Also to take a look at triads and listen to some music.